It’s the oldest beat in the book, the time signature that forms the foundation of modern music and one that’s spawned countless rhythms, songs and genres, from Irish reels to rock’n’roll.

From that basic 4/4 beat can come so much more, in the right hands of course, and this is where the idea for FOUR | FOUR comes from: simple, yes, but with boundless potential. A blueprint from which greatness can grow.

FOUR | FOUR is a new imprint on ABC Music, a home for the more left-of-centre acts this dynamic label is looking to cultivate, an environment where artists and bands can prosper and grow, nurtured by the longest running independent labels in Australia.

In essence, FOUR | FOUR represents music that is, at its core, as simple and as profound as that 4/4 beat, and yet reaches far beyond. It’s music that moves people in the most fundamental way. ABC Music has long been regarded as a bastion of independent and adventurous music in Australia, and with the creation of FOUR | FOUR, this powerhouse will only get stronger.