Born Lion Announce Series of Mini-Festivals

1A9A1681-EditIn February this year Born Lion released their highly anticipated sophomore full-length album ‘Celebrate the Lie’ produced by Jimmy Balderstone (Luca Brasi, High Tension, Grenadiers) and mixed by Ryan Hazell (The Drones, Green Buzzard).

“This album will provide you with much gnarly enjoyment.” – The Music

‘Celebrate the Lie’ combines angsty punk-rock, frenetic hardcore and unapologetic monstrous pop-hooks, to deliver on what is quite simply a straight up, raucous, no bullshit, razor-sharp rock n’ roll record.

Now the band is back with the ‘Bigger Than Jesus’ tour. The run will include two mini festivals curated by the band themselves. Coming to Sydney, Wollongong and Melbourne in February 2019, the line ups will feature acts such as Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams, The Sinking Teeth, Dropping Honey, Fait Accompli Whispering Jackie, Ess-Em and a 10 year reunion set from Sydney’s Bitchslap.

w/ The Sinking Teeth, The Quarters, Sophisticated Dingo

w/ Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams, Fait Accompli, Whispering Jackie, Ess-Em

w/ Dropping Honey, Bitchslap, Fait Accompli, Whispering Jackie, El Bastardo

Born Lion – Celebrate The Lie – Album Out Now

Following on from their critically adored 2015 debut album ‘Final Words’Born Lion return with their highly anticipated sophomore full-length ‘Celebrate the Lie’ and new single ‘Slowly Sinking’ – produced by Jimmy Balderstone (Luca Brasi, High Tension, Grenadiers) and mixed by Ryan Hazell (The Drones, Green Buzzard).

‘Celebrate the Lie’ combines angsty punk-rock, frenetic hardcore and unapologetic monstrous pop-hooks, to deliver on what is quite simply a straight up, raucous, no bull-shit, razor-sharp rock n’ roll record.

Writing for the album began in winter 2016 in a tiny, frosty rehearsal space in Southern Sydney. Over six-months the quartet narrowed down eleven tracks, before heading to Adelaide to record the final cuts over two-weeks.

Lead single ‘Evil K’ was widely embraced by the likes of Spotify, Rolling Stone Australia, Music Feeds, The Music, Hysteria Magazine, radio stations FBi, 4ZZZ, 3RRR and triple j, who added the track to spot rotation. To coincide with the release of ‘Evil K’, the band set out on an East Coast tour, which saw them play to wild capacity crowds.

Since being crowned winners of triple j Unearthed’s 2013 Soundwave competition, Born Lion have continually put out critically praised music, with three of their singles ‘D for Danger’, ‘Good Times Jimmy’ and ‘Good Dogs Play Dead’ all being added to rotation on triple j.

Their 2015 debut album ‘Final Words’ was nominated for an ARIA for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Award.

In the live arena, the band have traversed the countryside multiple times on their own headline tours and supporting the likes of The Hives, The Bronx, Royal Blood, Mamozets and Karnivool.

To celebrate the release of ‘Celebrate the Lie’, the quartet will hit the road teaming up with Captives, performing in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney.

Get the album here:


1. Slowly Sinking
2. Evil K
3. Drag
4. No Connection
5. Patience For
6. Old Days
7. Dead Beat
8. Highs and Lows
9. Forces
10. Endless
11. Shadow
12. Waste

“Whether it’s the curling of a fist, a belted shout or the violent flick of the head, Celebrate The Lie demands response. And we’re better for it”.
Hysteria Magazine (AUS)

“From its very first moment, Celebrate The Lie attacks with the ferocity of a viper. It bites and doesn’t let go, infecting you not with venom, but with adrenaline”.
Happy (AUS)


Paddy McHugh – Down To Sydney Video and January Tour Dates.

Paddy McHugh had a big year in 2017.

Paddy is kicking off 2018 at a running pace with a brand-new video clip and a tour celebrating his new single – Down To Sydney.

Paddy McHugh on the story behind the song:

Suicide rates in Australia are high, too high. Especially for young men in rural areas. ‘Down to Sydney’ is a story that has no doubt played out many times in every small town across the country. In the song however, the protagonist finds another way out…. I guess I want people to realise that there are alternatives and there is hope even in the most unlikely places.”

McHugh comes from the Paul Kelly school of song writing in that simplicity is key and everyday life makes the best stories.

I know there are many reasons why people listen to and enjoy music… but for me, the style of music that I wanted to make, honesty was paramount,” he explains. “It had to be about something that I knew about, or cared about.”

Raised in Tamworth, before moving to Sydney and now finally calling Brisbane home, Paddy McHugh is heading back down to Sydney and Tamworth this January on the appropriately titled single tour which will also see him perform at the prestigious Illawarra Folk Festival.

Don’t miss Paddy McHugh this January as he launches his new single – Down To Sydney!


Thursday 18th – Junkyard Hotel, Maitland
Friday 19th – Illawarra Folk Festival
Saturday 20th – Illawarra Folk Festival
Sunday 21st – Illawarra Folk Festival
Sunday 21st – Midnight Special Newtown
Monday 22nd – Americana in the Park, Tamworth CMF
Thursday 25th – Cake & Cordial Sessions, Tamworth CMF
Friday 26th – DAG Sheepstation, Nundle



2017 Was A Very Good Year for Music…

Thanks to all our supporters for a great year in 2017!

Our bands are been touring all over the world, we released a stack of amazing new music, very sadly The Snowdroppers broke up, and we have been planning for an even bigger 2018 ahead!

Click below 2017 new music to get it into your ears:

  1. Screamfeeder – Pop Guilt
  2. Tim Rogers – An Actor Repairs
  3. Damien Dempsey – Soulsun
  4. Ozomatli – Non-Stop: México to Jamaica 
  5. The Go Set – One Fine Day (USA Release) 
  6. Born Lion – Evil K (single)
  7. Paddy McHugh – City Bound Trains
  8. The Cambodian Space Project – Spaced Out In Wonderland
  9. The Snowdroppers – Too Late To Pray (VINYL) 

See you next year!

The Cambodian Space Project Release 5th Album – Spaced Out In Wonderland

FOUR FOUR is super excited to be releasing the brand new album from The Cambodian Space Project!

Layout 1

They’re a great band, the singer is amazing, really beautiful, the guitars really jump out at you, very affecting, great stuff.“– Nick Cave

 Her name is Channthy, she’s a Khmer diva in a swinging ‘60s mini dress, they’re a Motor City sound loving South East Asia group. No, it’s not a scene from Kill Bill. It’s The Cambodian Space Project, a critically acclaimed Aussie Cambodian band that is equal part ‘60s Cambodian rock’n’roll and trippy psychedelic Khmer soul.

 The Cambodian Space Project was founded in 2009 by Australian Julien Poulson and Cambodian female songstress Channthy Kak in Phnom Penh. They have collaborated with Paul Kelly, Ozi Battla and American Motown juggernaut legend Dennis Coffey. Their unique sound is musical rocket fuel that is part Motown, part Velvet Underground, and a smattering of Khmer pop classics.

 This extraordinary band has been at the forefront of an astonishing cultural revival in Cambodia, singing life back into the lost divas and rock n roll legends of Cambodia’s golden age of music.

 Spaced Out in Wonderland is the 5th full length long player by The Cambodian Space Project and it’s got all the cosmic goodness of that this Aussie-Khmer outfit’s earlier work is renowned for but heads into a new realm of sonic goodness.

 Tracks like Down from the Mountain show Channthy’s folksy roots with her incredible a cappella vocals opening the whole shebang before the album blasts-off into full-blown psychedelic pop – there’s a heavy dose of Motor City Blaksploitation funk on 5 Lady Cows – where she sings about joining a rock’n’roll band and making money to buy cows for here village –  through to cosmic reworkings of the Vietnam War soundtrack classics Proud Mary and an ominous, mystical version of Paint It Black.

 The groups original songs like Never Fall Down are almost reggae but with a haunting, spacey undertone and finally the album closes (like something else entirely, is beginning) with an incredible interpretation of Iggy Pop’s The Passenger.

 This LP is a full vibrancy, cosmic trip through ethnic Khmer styles, psych-rock, motor city funk and Motownesque pop to the new – totally spaced-out – grooves of South East Asia today.

 Spaced Out In Wonderland is out now through FOUR FOUR / ABC Music!

 Get ‘Spaced Out In Wonderland’

 Track Listing:

1.   Down from the Mountain
2.    5 Lady Cows
3.    Havana Inn, Cambodia
4.    Proud Mary
5.    Sugar Coated Mango
6.    Never Fall Down
7.    Summer Wine (Featuring Paul Kelly)
8.    Blackbird
9.    Superstar
10.The Passenger

Tim Rogers “Detour-ing” in November & December


Following the LP release of ‘An Actor Repairs’, a pile of You Am I touring, and the release of his first book ‘Detours’ to critical acclaim; Tim Rogers will wrap it all up, drop it in this bundle and play a series of solo shows in November and December to cap the year off.

‘The year was set aside to do a thesis on (Canadian maestros’) Rush and their divisive “keyboard” era and learn how to tie my own shoelaces, but I got waylaid by a love of reading and the ever- shifting notion of “cocktail hour” and wound up writing a book. What a bloody nerve. What a cheek. What an editor…. If this is to be my reaction to writing and recording an LP I’m exceptionally proud and feeling it disappear into the ether then God and Satan save us all.  ‘’An Actor Repairs’ was an LP made with love and not a lot else despite a reliance on enthusiasm and the ability to stretch a budget under a charlatan’s smoke- cloud of enthusiasm. After taking ‘What Rhymes With Cars And Girls’ to some regions over the next months, I’m going to go out and play songs about repairing actors and unfixable humans. Because that is what we do. Us repairing humans. In human form, Rogers repairs forthwith and foreheaded’. Tim Rogers


FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10TH – Thornbury Theatre, Thornbury – Tickets HERE
SATURDAY NOVEMBER 11TH – Caravan Music Club, Oakleigh – Tickets HERE
THURSDAY NOVEMBER 16TH – Byron Community Centre Theatre, Byron Bay – Tickets HERE
FRIDAY NOVEMBER 17TH – Old Museum Concert Hall, Brisbane – Tickets HERE
SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18TH – The Basement, Circular Quay, Sydney – Tickets HERE
THURSDAY NOVEMBER 23RD – The Edwards, Newcastle – Tickets HERE
FRIDAY NOVEMBER 24TH – Hardy’s Bay Club, Hardy’s Bay – Tickets HERE
SATURDAY NOVEMBER 25TH – The Basement at Panthers Port Macquarie – Tickets HERE
SUNDAY NOVEMBER 26TH – Flow Bar, Old Bar – Tickets HERE
FRIDAY DECEMBER 1ST – Fly By Night, Fremantle – Tickets HERE
SATURDAY DECEMBER 2ND – Wheatsheaf, Adelaide – Tickets HERE 

Tickets for all shows are on sale Friday September 8th