Drink To Better Days

Long before the term Celtic Punk came to be, Melbourne group Mutiny were neck deep. Coming together in 1991, in a world obsessed with thrash and grunge, this group of musical misfits were exploring the power and the passion of punk through an acoustic folk medium before almost anyone else, the results a precursor to the aforementioned, to gypsy jazz, to ‘pirate’, to anything remotely related.

‘Folk punk for punk folk’ is how they’ve always described themselves, an apt descriptor to be sure. Mutiny’s brand initially revolved around the strong, politically active Melbourne squat scene, taking in uniquely Australian lyrical turns – Captain Bligh, Abbotsford Brewery, the Police Strike Riot – rounded out with a truly DIY acoustic power and panache, vocalist Chris Gurr’s grizzled vocal topping it off

Drink To Better Days is the next chapter in the life of Mutiny. A 20 year retrospective, it looks to bring the band’s best and most exciting material together in one place, a reminder, if you will, that this is a group that never really left. Mutiny have walked a long road, they’ve done it themselves, they’re pioneers of a sound, coming of a time and place where innovation was the key, originality a must. And after a couple of decades, there’s certainly still life left in this old dog, no doubt about that.

Track Listing:

Digging For Gold
Drink To Better Days
Here’s To Adventure
Struggle Town
Bag Of Oats
Convict Rum Song
Free Soup Daily
Girlz On The Fiddle
Move Along
Bodgy Tatts
Take A Chance
Eighty Punks And An Old P.A
Brisbane Bandits
Never Get Caught
The Squatting Song
High On The Hill
Enjoy It While It Lasts
These Streets
William Jones
Police Strike Riot