New Single! ~ Paddy McHugh – 27 Weeks

New Single from Meeanjin (Brisbane)-based Paddy McHugh.

Paddy has released two albums: ‘City Bound Trains’ in 2017 and ‘Trials & Cape Tribulation’ in 2014.

A contemporary of Australian artists such as Paul Kelly and Mark Seymour and, to an international extent, artists like Billy Bragg and Damien Dempsey, McHugh’s music shares a common thread.

27 Weeks is the story of a bloke from Wollongong. Like his dad and most of the men In the Gong, he works at the Port Kembla steelworks. Well at least he did. Due to circumstances well beyond his control he loses his job and must figure out how to make ends meet. So, he gets creative. After all he has mouths to feed. It’s dodgy, but it works. He wants to find employment again and he is looking. But it’s been 27 weeks. And he ain’t found nothing yet.

But this song isn’t just about this one man and the town of Wollongong. It is song about many men and women from towns all over Australia. It is a story that is being played out again and again. It is the assembly worker from Geelong, the hardware store owner from Gympie, the teller from Moonee Ponds. As greedy companies chase ever higher profits and cut every corner in the process, people find themselves squeezed out, down on their luck and out of options.

They do what they must to survive. Can you blame them?

Introducing…The Gilded Gutter!

Stemming from a previous project called The Revenants, The Gilded Gutter is the musical partnership of Johnny Gibson and Steve Milligan in primary collaboration with Carmen O’Brien (violin) and Andy Papadopoulos (bass). Other collaborators are Anton Ruddick (guitar), Rowan Blackmore (accordion), Sam Davies (uillean pipes and tin whistle), Melanie Carroll (vocals) and Duncan Graham (studio production).

Their music draws on a mix of traditional Irish instrumentation like mandolin, fiddle, accordion and the uilleann pipes laid under heavier rock’n roll and punk drumbeats with bass, acoustic and electric guitars, creating a sometimes-raucous fusion of folk and punk but one that steers away from the more predictable chants of similar genres.

Primarily a studio project, they are influenced by a disparate mix of music from The Pogues, Planxty, The Waterboys, The Mescaleros and Lankum through to a vast range of punk rock like The Clash, Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, Gang of Four and Fugazi.

Hailing originally from Tasmania, Johnny Gibson is a drummer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has played in several Melbourne bands including alt-country stalwarts Raised by Eagles, rock’n rollers Swedish Magazines and folk-punk larrikins The Currency.

Dublin born Steve Milligan grew up mainly in Melbourne and now lives back in Ireland in rural Limerick. He is a singer, guitarist and songwriter. Milligan scorched his vocal cords screaming in 90’s punk bands One Inch Punch, Mid Youth Crisis and later Coue Method and Black is the Colour.




Stream first single out now! 

The song explores desire, insatiability and suicide ideation.

It proposes the paradoxical notion that we are inherently insatiable and that this uncontrollable desire eventually leads to a will to die – to embrace the ‘flirtatious’ reaper in some vain hope of satiating the ‘runaway desire’ for conclusive ‘satisfaction’.



Melbourne Ska Orchestra – 20 Years Young!



And just like that the Melbourne Ska Orchestra turns 20 Years Young, celebrating with a Best Of vinyl release, a brand new single and video, and a national tour!

From the fun loving humble beginnings in St. Kilda to the international stages of Glastonbury, Istanbul, Montreal, Edinburgh, New York and beyond, the band has steered their ramshackle train into the hearts of many.

“It’s been a pretty amazing adventure with the Melbourne Ska Orchestra. Born out of love for the genre back in 2003, the energy that all the musicians have invested has translated into a fun filled mission in the name of Ska. The music by its nature is a community event when performed and we’re lucky to have created a family vibe that has propelled this special thing we’ve created into a double decade story of Joy,” says Nicky Bomba.

To coincide with the limited edition Best Of vinyl release the band has also dropped a brand new single and video, ‘Something Strong’ – view here.

Nicky enthuses, “We are totally excited to share our new single ’Something Strong’. This band has been nothing short of a sweet circus adventure and the lyrics reflect the journey we’ve had. I also love how we’ve captured the joyous spirit of the orchestra once again and can’t wait to play this live. Bless!”

He continues, “20 years young is a valid description of where we’re at as the excitement and creativity within the band is still burning strong. With our World Tours and Awards we know we’re doing something unique and positive in the music world. This single is a snapshot so far….so much more to come….. Long Live Melbourne Ska Orchestra! Long Live Ska!”

Initially formed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of Ska (1963-2003), their infectious energy soon earned them a coveted slot at Bluesfest and WOMADelaide, a recording contract and accolades from all over the world. Two ARIA award wins cemented their reputation as one of Australia’s best live acts, while three of their songs were chosen for a UK feature film about Ska.

The band have matched the appreciation with a work ethic that is second to none. To date they have released 7 albums, including a nigh impossible mission of recording a song a week for a whole year, the ARIA award winning 52 Fridays – One Year of Ska.

This record celebrates the first 20-year chapter of a journey that is still going strong.


Nicky Bomba – Food & Shelter Album Tour March / April / May 2022

Nicky Bomba hits the road with a fresh vibe playing songs from his new album ‘Food & Shelter’.

Sharing the stage with a new line up it will be a Bombafied interpretation of the new sounds on the album.

“It’s been a strange world for live performers recently so I’m buzzed to get back on stage and connect with audiences again. The ancient ritual of playing music and feeling the connection is a vital part of my lifeblood. This tour is going to be a sweet celebration. I’ve put a new line up together and we’re ready to party. Boomshakalaka!”  Nicky Bomba.

Debuting in October and holding strong in the Top 20 of the AIR charts, ‘Food & Shelter’ presents a fresh side to one of Australia’s creative blazing sparks. The album is Nicky’s second solo release but the 24th long player of his career. His work with the Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Bustamento, John Butler Trio, Joe Camilleri, Ross Hannaford and more has earnt him 4 x ARIAs, Age Music Awards, APRA award, Music Vic Award and a respect within the industry that can only be earned.

As a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Nicky was able to utilise his skills to play and produce a new chapter of songs celebrating all the musical influences from around the world. On stage he will be featuring up front on the drumkit, exploring rhythms and tapping into syncopations that can only come from a lifetime of drumming. He started playing at the age of six and hasn’t stopped. Even when mum asked him to…

“ It was so great to have time to explore the sounds I’d heard on my travels and weave them into bubbles of goodness. I also wanted to have a clean difference between the music I make with my other bands so each can stand on their own right. Playing these songs with my new line up, I’m jumping at the challenge of lifting the vibrations of audiences and taking them on a journey. I’m also encouraging budding drummers to learn some of the grooves so I can get them up to join me. Could be fun…could also be dangerous!

In any event, we’re ready to get jiggy with the grooves- making sure that there is some serious body shaking going on. Skip the gym that week. Bless up!”

There is something on this album for everyone. Stream it, buy it, and get your ticket to the live show to experience ‘Food & Shelter’ performed live. All merch will be available at shows including Nicky’s new book.

‘Food & Shelter’ is out now.  Watch video for ‘Home’ here.


For tickets please see

Melbourne: Night Cat – Friday March 18th
Tickets: HERE

Hobart: Republic Bar & Café – Saturday March 19th
Tickets: HERE

Byron Bay: Mullumbimby Ex-service Club – Friday March 25th
Tickets: HERE

Gold Coast: Miami Marketta – Saturday March 26th
Tickets: HERE

Brisbane: The Triffid – Friday April 1st
Tickets: HERE

Sunshine Coast: solbar – Saturday April 2nd
Tickets: HERE

Cronulla: The Brass Monkey – Friday April 8th
Tickets: HERE

Sydney: Lazybones – Saturday April 9th
Tickets: HERE

Adelaide: The Gov –  Friday April 22nd
Tickets: HERE

Cairns: TANKS – Saturday April 30th
Tickets: HERE

Margaret River: The River – Friday May 6th
Tickets: HERE

Perth: Mojos Fremantle  – Saturday May 7th
Tickets: HERE


The Rumjacks – New Single ‘One for The Road’

In March 2021, The Rumjacks released their fifth studio album ‘Hestia’, rejuvenating the bands collaborative spirit, and marking an explosive new era of energy and creative release.

Hestia introduced new singer and songwriter Mike Rivkees on lead vocals, heralding a refreshing evolution for the band that connected fans old and new. The album was an unmitigated success, both critically and artistically, and signified a fresh page in the story of The Rumjacks.

Invigorated by the release of Hestia, The Rumjacks quickly went back into the studio to record ‘Brass for Gold’ EP, capitalising off their new sense of artistry.

“After the amazing response we had from Hestia’s release, we knew we had to back it up, do it justice and show we aren’t messing around with any of this,” Bassist Johnny McKelvey said.

“I guess while COVID ‘slowed everyone down‘ it just made us want to work harder, record more music, plan and think ahead to when all this mess ended that would be ahead in every way”

The resulting EP a clear representation of a band finding a new voice and making sure that voice is heard as loud as possible. Grounded by the eclectic Celtic punk sound that The Rumjacks have become synonymous with, ‘Brass for Gold’ sees the band dig deeper into their ska and hard rock influences, all the while holding onto the defiant energy that ignites their sound.

While ‘Hestia’ had the band conquering a global pandemic in order to record, ‘Brass for Gold’ saw the boys united in person for the first time. Producing a sound that is seamless and cohesive.

“Brass for Gold is as much as an EP can possibly offer and still be called an EP. In true Rumjacker fashion, these songs represent a variety of different stories. The topics range from lovesick nostalgia, to misfortunate war heroes, and a few lighthearted drinking songs for good measure,” Rivkees said.

“While some EP’s tend to be quite experimental, Brass for Gold represents a solid continuation of the newly reformed Rumjacks. Once again stating (almost literally in some of the lyrics) we are passionate and dedicated songwriters.”

From the raucous comradery of first single ‘One For The Road’ to the crashing crescendo of ‘Blinding Flashes’ to the confident sentimentality of ‘Falling Back’, the cumulative energy of ‘Brass For Gold’ sees the band communicate one thing loud and clear.