Nicky Bomba – Food & Shelter Album Tour March / April / May 2022

Nicky Bomba hits the road with a fresh vibe playing songs from his new album ‘Food & Shelter’.

Sharing the stage with a new line up it will be a Bombafied interpretation of the new sounds on the album.

“It’s been a strange world for live performers recently so I’m buzzed to get back on stage and connect with audiences again. The ancient ritual of playing music and feeling the connection is a vital part of my lifeblood. This tour is going to be a sweet celebration. I’ve put a new line up together and we’re ready to party. Boomshakalaka!”  Nicky Bomba.

Debuting in October and holding strong in the Top 20 of the AIR charts, ‘Food & Shelter’ presents a fresh side to one of Australia’s creative blazing sparks. The album is Nicky’s second solo release but the 24th long player of his career. His work with the Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Bustamento, John Butler Trio, Joe Camilleri, Ross Hannaford and more has earnt him 4 x ARIAs, Age Music Awards, APRA award, Music Vic Award and a respect within the industry that can only be earned.

As a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Nicky was able to utilise his skills to play and produce a new chapter of songs celebrating all the musical influences from around the world. On stage he will be featuring up front on the drumkit, exploring rhythms and tapping into syncopations that can only come from a lifetime of drumming. He started playing at the age of six and hasn’t stopped. Even when mum asked him to…

“ It was so great to have time to explore the sounds I’d heard on my travels and weave them into bubbles of goodness. I also wanted to have a clean difference between the music I make with my other bands so each can stand on their own right. Playing these songs with my new line up, I’m jumping at the challenge of lifting the vibrations of audiences and taking them on a journey. I’m also encouraging budding drummers to learn some of the grooves so I can get them up to join me. Could be fun…could also be dangerous!

In any event, we’re ready to get jiggy with the grooves- making sure that there is some serious body shaking going on. Skip the gym that week. Bless up!”

There is something on this album for everyone. Stream it, buy it, and get your ticket to the live show to experience ‘Food & Shelter’ performed live. All merch will be available at shows including Nicky’s new book.

‘Food & Shelter’ is out now.  Watch video for ‘Home’ here.


For tickets please see

Melbourne: Night Cat – Friday March 18th
Tickets: HERE

Hobart: Republic Bar & Café – Saturday March 19th
Tickets: HERE

Byron Bay: Mullumbimby Ex-service Club – Friday March 25th
Tickets: HERE

Gold Coast: Miami Marketta – Saturday March 26th
Tickets: HERE

Brisbane: The Triffid – Friday April 1st
Tickets: HERE

Sunshine Coast: solbar – Saturday April 2nd
Tickets: HERE

Cronulla: The Brass Monkey – Friday April 8th
Tickets: HERE

Sydney: Lazybones – Saturday April 9th
Tickets: HERE

Adelaide: The Gov –  Friday April 22nd
Tickets: HERE

Cairns: TANKS – Saturday April 30th
Tickets: HERE

Margaret River: The River – Friday May 6th
Tickets: HERE

Perth: Mojos Fremantle  – Saturday May 7th
Tickets: HERE


The Rumjacks – New Single ‘One for The Road’

In March 2021, The Rumjacks released their fifth studio album ‘Hestia’, rejuvenating the bands collaborative spirit, and marking an explosive new era of energy and creative release.

Hestia introduced new singer and songwriter Mike Rivkees on lead vocals, heralding a refreshing evolution for the band that connected fans old and new. The album was an unmitigated success, both critically and artistically, and signified a fresh page in the story of The Rumjacks.

Invigorated by the release of Hestia, The Rumjacks quickly went back into the studio to record ‘Brass for Gold’ EP, capitalising off their new sense of artistry.

“After the amazing response we had from Hestia’s release, we knew we had to back it up, do it justice and show we aren’t messing around with any of this,” Bassist Johnny McKelvey said.

“I guess while COVID ‘slowed everyone down‘ it just made us want to work harder, record more music, plan and think ahead to when all this mess ended that would be ahead in every way”

The resulting EP a clear representation of a band finding a new voice and making sure that voice is heard as loud as possible. Grounded by the eclectic Celtic punk sound that The Rumjacks have become synonymous with, ‘Brass for Gold’ sees the band dig deeper into their ska and hard rock influences, all the while holding onto the defiant energy that ignites their sound.

While ‘Hestia’ had the band conquering a global pandemic in order to record, ‘Brass for Gold’ saw the boys united in person for the first time. Producing a sound that is seamless and cohesive.

“Brass for Gold is as much as an EP can possibly offer and still be called an EP. In true Rumjacker fashion, these songs represent a variety of different stories. The topics range from lovesick nostalgia, to misfortunate war heroes, and a few lighthearted drinking songs for good measure,” Rivkees said.

“While some EP’s tend to be quite experimental, Brass for Gold represents a solid continuation of the newly reformed Rumjacks. Once again stating (almost literally in some of the lyrics) we are passionate and dedicated songwriters.”

From the raucous comradery of first single ‘One For The Road’ to the crashing crescendo of ‘Blinding Flashes’ to the confident sentimentality of ‘Falling Back’, the cumulative energy of ‘Brass For Gold’ sees the band communicate one thing loud and clear.

Nicky Bomba announces New Single (Malibu) and Tour!


Enigmatic performer, producer and lifelong troubadour Nicky Bomba returns to the scene with his first solo release in 10 years.

His reputation as a world-class performer has seen him grace stages from Istanbul to Tokyo, Hong Kong to Detroit and garnered him a weighty trove of accolades including four ARIA awards.

Whether at the helm of the titanic Melbourne Ska Orchestra or slamming skins on the drum kit with John Butler, Nicky’s magnetic connection with the audience is a testament to his spectacular creativity and joyously Bon vivant attitude. With new material and a whole new live show, Nicky is hitting the road in May to bring his electrified energy to the stage.

The first single “Malibu” from the new forthcoming album “Food & Shelter” distils some classic sentiment and a tangy twist of Bomba’s signature world-pop flare.

Whilst previous Nicky Bomba solo material was down his usual wheelhouse genres of roots, reggae, and ska sounds, on this new album Nicky has purposefully moved away from what he is known for and tried to show listeners a different side of his creative output in a far more contemporary way. He has dug deeper into his musical references from ethnic folk music,70’s funk workouts and even some quirky twangin surf sounds.

Food & Shelter is an album about exploration, energy, and taking risks. For a start the whole album has no horned / brass instruments which is synonymous with the Melbourne Ska Orchestra and Bustamento sound.

Nicky Bomba plays all instruments on the album and produced and recorded the whole thing whilst deep in lockdown during 2020 at his home studio in the Alpine region of North Eastern Victoria. The album is about simplifying and getting back to basics. Acknowledging the trappings of modern living and finding a way to fly through the bullshit.

Nicky had this to say about the new single ‘Malibu’:

Classic sentiment of “You don’t know what you got until it’s gone”. Malibu is a state of mind where simplicity and joyous vibes reign supreme. These days of information overkill and getting sucked into the vortex of the social media/screen-based phenomenon can put up so many layers that the essence of life gets seriously distorted. Sometimes we need to get a check-up from the neck-up and reset everything. That’s my Malibu.

Malibu is available on all digital services from Friday April 30th.

Food & Shelter (new album) will be released later in 2021.


Nicky will be hitting the road with a whole swag of dates to showcase these new sounds right through May!


May 7th – Brunswick Ballroom, VIC

May 8th – Republic Bar, Hobart, TAS

May 9th – Forth Pub, TAS

May 14th – Coolangatta Hotel, QLD

May 15th – Mullumbimby Civic Hall, NSW

May 16th – Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour, NSW

 May 21st early – Mary’s Underground, Sydney, NSW
May 21st late – Mary’s Underground, Sydney, NSW

May 22nd – Brass Monkey, Cronulla, NSW

May 23rd – Heritage Hotel, Bulli, NSW

May 27tH – Miami Marketta, Gold Coast, QLD

May 28th – Flamin’ Galah, Brisbane, QLD

May 30th – Sol Bar, Maroochydoore, QLD

The Rumjacks “Hestia” (album) is out now!


Formats: Double (coloured) Vinyl / CD / Download / Streaming!

Listen here:

Hestia, the fifth studio album from The Rumjacks, is out now, and marks a new era for the band.

The album introduces new lead singer Mike Rivkees, whose songwriting skills rejuvenated The Rumjacks collaborative spirit.

Whilst many bands went underground during the pandemic, in a huge part due to there being no live concerts…The Rumjacks felt it so important to keep working and creating new music for their fans.

The album was recorded under strict Covid-conditions in Milan, Italy where the band lived and created this new album through August, September and October 2020, escaping back to their homes before another lockdown!

Hestia takes the energy of traditional folk music, lights it on fire, then sprinkles it with ash. Dark, gritty, and historically aware, this is music grounded in the character of the Rebel.

When writing Hestia (named after the Greek goddess of home and hearth), bandmembers Mike Rivkees (vocals), Johnny McKelvey (bass), Gabe Whitbourne (guitar), Adam Kenny (bouzouki/mandolin), and Pietro Della Sala (drums) apply their diverse American, Australian, Italian, and Irish perspectives to create a new, globalized iteration of the Celtic punk legacy dating back to The Pogues, with the punk, ska, and hard rock sounds pulsing through their veins.

Fans of The Rumjacks have not been disappointed with the line-up change, and even cautious, sceptical listeners have been converted by the new songs on Hestia. Singles “Sainted Millions”, “Hestia”, “Goodnight & Make Mends”, and brand new single “Light in My Shadow” all being received to huge praise for the band!










New single ‘Light in My Shadow’ is a hooligan friendship anthem.

Those friendships that seem to wane on and off like a wayward star can be some of the most important that we have. With epic bagpipes and a purely infectious sing-along chorus, this one is meant to be played loud. Throw your arm around your friend and belt this one out after a few beers.

Watch Official Music Video here.











Because the band cannot tour or perform live together, they have put together a virtual hang out with on the album release date for ‘Hestia’!

It will be all 5 members on screen, playing through the new songs, telling stories of the album making process, and responding to live Q&A.






New Album ‘Hestia’ is out now!

Double (coloured) Vinyl / CD / Download / Streaming!

Listen here: