FOUR FOUR Welcomes Paddy McHugh To The Roster. Announcing Second Album ‘City Bound Trains’

Paddy McHugh has announced the release of his second album, City Bound Trains, an album depicting tales of a life in Australia, to be released on September 29 through FOUR | FOUR.

Raised in Tamworth, before moving to Sydney and now finally calling Brisbane home, Paddy McHugh is an alternative singer-songwriter who uses his music to tell a story. His honest and true approach has seen him invited to share the stage with some of the world’s top artists such as Sinead O’Connor, Damien Dempsey, Joe Pug and more. He believes simplicity is the key, with everyday life making the best stories, and in his hands the simplicity of his tracks come across powerfully raw and real.

I know there are many reasons why people listen to and enjoy music, but for me honesty was paramount when it came to the style of music I wanted to make. It had to be about something that I knew about or cared about.– Paddy McHugh.

The album, City Bound Trains, is no exception – consisting of stories from everyday Australian life, set to a musical score that both throbs with a visceral power and gently pulsates with a calmness and tranquillity. From the almost anthemic nature of Down to Sydney, with its electric build, to the gentle rocking of Rita, Paddy McHugh pulls it all together with a quiet aplomb.

An experienced performer, Paddy McHugh has performed at notable festivals such as The Gympie Muster, Woodford Folk Festival, The National Folk Festival and many more. To coincide with the release of City Bound Trains Paddy McHugh has announced a line-up of live show dates across Australia.

City Bound Trains was produced by Brendan Gallagher (Karma County) and with honesty at its core and everyday life its muse, the album is a neat and strong package that showcases Paddy McHugh’s ever-growing talent.

First single from the album ‘City Bound Trains’ is out now and available on all digital services HERE.