Tim Rogers Takes Over Double J Radio!

When Myf Warhurst heads to Ukraine to host this year’s coverage of Eurovision, she’s leaving the keys to the office to an old friend that we think you’ll know pretty damn well.

We all know You Am I frontman Tim Rogers can write one hell of a song. And anyone who has seen him play live in the almost three decades he’s been on the live scene has concrete evidence of his talents as an entertainer.

Fewer people know that he’s a bit of a gun footy player, had a decent crack at modelling and was, for a short time, a captivating TV host. But it’s all true.

Hell, he was even Double J Australian Artist of the Year in 2015.

Now, he’s adding radio to his disgustingly lengthy and varied list of talents, as he takes over Double J’s daily Lunch program while Myf is busy bringing Australian audeinces the glitz and glam from Europe.

Tim Rogers hosts Lunch on Double J from Monday 8 to Friday 12 May at 11am.