Ozomatli Release New Album ‘Non-Stop: Mexico To Jamaica’

LA’s Ozomatli are celebrating their 20 year anniversary with new album ‘Non-Stop: Mexico to Jamaica’, an album of classic and contemporary Mexican hits reimagined with a Jamaican feel, which is released today.

‘Non-Stop: Mexico to Jamaica’ pays homage to the music that many of the band members grew up listening to, inspiring them to reconnect and reinterpret songs that defined their youth.

Produced by drum & bass reggae legends, Sly & Robbie (Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Madonna, No Doubt) and featuring various high profile guest vocalists, the album reflects the bands multi-genre influences as well as their travels around the world.

Originally conceived as a tribute to Mariachi and Norteño music, the band decided to expand the concept and include iconic and current artists and cover more eras. Pairing reggae, ska, rocksteady and dancehall rhythms with a variety of Mexican musical genres spoke to the band’s desire to do something unique for its 20th anniversary. It was also critical to include songs written by artists that represent the vast diversity of Mexico’s population.

Regular visitors to Australia having toured here an incredible 13 times, the “Dioses del Baile,” or “Gods of Dance,” have created one of the most exciting, captivating and flat-out fun live shows touring today. They continue to harness their musical instincts by conceiving new concepts and forging new sounds that keep fans on their toes and the world dancing.

Ozomatli ‘Non-Stop: Mexico To Jamaica’ out now!

Click here to listen.